Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mystery Quilt 2016 - A Scrappy End

To start, there's been so much going one this past year! 

First I had two amazing opportunities to teach at National Quilt Shows, MQX New England in Manchester, New Hampshire and MQS in Cedar Rapid, Iowa. I had my friend, Dusty Farrell come teach local long armers in my studio and make a return appearance to demo for my long arm guild. 

I reconnected with BBBs (Best Biker Buds), traveled with more BBBs AND met some awesome new biker friends, ALL IN THE SAME TRIP! A week riding in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. 

I've also been busy signing next year's teaching contracts and quilting class samples for my NEW classes. More details to follow....... Come see me at the Houston Quilt Festival to see my latest samples. I will be in the Country Stitchin' booth Thursday and Saturday. Don't be shy!

But, the BIGGEST NEWS??????

I HAVE A NEW GRANDSON ***** DYLAN ******,  absolutely adorable and perfect!

We also had a scare with my Mom, a car accident. She's OK now, but it was a lot of all-hands-on-deck for awhile. Thank you for all your prayers.

My friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden has a Quilt of Valor block drive thru the end of the year. Check out her blog for block instructions and where to send your finished blocks.

Now, what you've all been waiting for......


I'm still falling in love with piecing scrappy quilts! Since this Mystery was suppose to start more in the middle of the year, and life got in the way, I decided to name it "A Scrappy End". We'll be piecing the end of the year in scrappy style. 

Let's get shopping! You can shop in your stash, or local quilt shop.

This year’s mystery quilt finishes at 76”x80”, perfect for Quilts of
Valor or for a oversized lap quilt.

Fabric suggestions:

Quilt fabric variation one:

Main or background fabrics—A dark, solid Jelly Roll or scraps
Layer Cake or 10” Squares—20 Bright Kaffe Fasset fabric
Shocker—Bright orange/pink lipstick solid fabric, 3/4 yd

Quilt fabric variation two:

Main or background fabrics—Blues, 2 1/2" strips
Layer Cake or 10” Squares—20 Reds
Shocker—Whites, 3/4 yd

Quilt fabric variation three:
Main or background fabrics—Small, dark prints, 2 1/2" strips
Layer Cake or 10” Squares—20 Large brighter prints
Shocker—Bright, solid fabric or whites, 3/4 yd

Sorry I don't have a picture yet. When Dusty came to visit, I moved all non-essential fabric into storage. Not all of it has come back yet, and apparently, this fabric selection is buried in there..... somewhere....

Cutting your fabrics:

From your Main/Background 2 1/2” strips:

1.5”     24 pieces
3.5”     48 pieces
5.5”     48 pieces
7.5”     48 pieces
9.5”     20 pieces
10”      80 pieces

From your Shocker fabric:

1.5” x 1.5”     24 pieces
2.5” x 9.5”       4 pieces
2” x 10”         20 pieces

Since we're playing catch-up, I'll be posting the next set of instructions soon!

If you or your local quilt guild would like to use my pattern for this Mystery Quilt, please feel free.  You have my permission to make copies for your guild.  All I ask is that you give me credit for the pattern  If you would like it in PDF format, please email me ( and I will add you to my email list.

Happy Quilting,

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