Monday, April 14, 2014

Machine Quilt's Showcase

I admit I have enjoyed teasing you all for the last couple months.  Now is the big reveal.....

But first, just a little info.  Last spring I asked my friend Kevin if he would be interested in collaborating on a show quilt with me.  After a little pause, he agreed.  I then handed him a box of fabric and said "Make a quilt with this".  When asked what kind, I replied "whatever you want, just make it scrappy. I totally trust you". And so began the journey and the birth of "RADAR".

Sharing his ideas and path with me, I could tell we really had the same vision of what we wanted the quilt to be.  Everything just clicked.  If you want to read more of his part of this journey, check out his blog Kevin The Quilter regularly (he has LOTS of stuff going on!).

Last fall, he gave me this amazing quilt top. It was his interpretation of the actual Radar from the storm with the devestating tornados that went thru Oklahoma.  He was flying over at the time. I spent 242 Hours quilting it. My part of the journey was to give life and movement to the quilt.  Apparently it was well worth all the time and effort we put into our quilt!  Radar took FIRST Place in Tools of the Trade at MQS in Wichita, KS.

So..... Drum Roll......

The beginning of my part of the journey, Kevin gave me a top, 100" x 100" of 2,500 squares!

So I got out my rulers and tools and started quilting. 
Some of the rulers I used are my favorites, Dusty Farrel's Radical Rulers and Bones, "Scapula"

 Lots of swirls, and circles and then some straight lines.  The only free-hand can be background fills.  So lots of tiny pebbles for pockets of hail.


(The Quilt Police weren't looking)

It was a fun and amazing journey this quilt took us on. Guess I need to buy Kevin another box of fabric......

Happy Quilting,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Modern Minarture and Kevin's Quilt of Valor Drive

If you're looking for a worthy cause, check this out: (yep, you have to click on the link, cause I can't figure out how to make the button work! LOL) 

Teaser Alert..... The quilt I collaborated on with Kevin the Quilter is now at MQS.  I won't see it hanging till Wednesday and then hopefully I can get some good pics! I can't wait to share this quilt and the entire process with you. Sneak peak of pebbles.......

1/8" pebbles.
 My Modern Mini is pieced, quilted, bound and shipped to MQS!!!  

Recap.....  The original quilt I used as inspiration was designed by my friend Jamie Mueller, visit her blog at Sunflower Seeds.  Her quilt was originally named "Master Carpenter's Square" (available at Sunflower Quilts)

So, because I never play totally by the rules, I made a few changes.  I love it, Jamie loves it, and that is really all that counts...  but, I hope you like it also and OK, the judges too.  The colored squares and background squares measure 1/2" x 1/2" and the brown squares are 1" x 1".  The quilt finished at 24" x 24".

All those little pieces became.....
A Quilt Top   24x24
I added 7" corner squares for negative space.

And the fun begins... Quilting!

The idea was to keep it Modern, so some pebbles and LOTS of Ruler work.
Lines, straight and curved and crossed.

A little checkerboard never hurts.

Crossed design in each 1/2" square repeated in 1" square, sort of.

Large (7"x7" lol) negative space filled with 1/8" lines.
And then on to those colored squares.....

Tiny 1/2" circles in each square using my new favorite ruler by Dusty Farrell, available at Country Stitchin. Then each color's circles were filled different.  BUT, I did not take a picture of the finished quilt!  Since it had a deadline to be mailed, I pulled an all-nighter to get it finished.  Around 6:45AM it was done.  2 hours sleep and off to UPS to ship to MQS show in Wichita.  So, I now have to wait till Wednesday, April 2 to see it. If you happen to be in Wichita next week, come check out the show!  

Happy /Quilting!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modern Quilt Interruption and More Dot's Block

I am taking a Modern Quilt Interruption from Mine and Kevin's MQS quilt.  Well, actually this Modern one, hopefully, will be done in time to go to MQS also, but we'll see.

I fell in love with a quilt designed by my friend Jamie Mueller, visit her blog at  Sunflower Seeds or her website at Sunflower Quilts to see some of her amazing quilts and buy her patterns.  The quilt was originally named "Master Carpenter's Square".  Because I wanted to make a miniature, and if you know me, you know I never follow directions, I changed the quilt somewhat..... and now I'm making my quilt "Jamie's Carpenter Squared".

The original pattern was made with Charm Squares (5").  Miniaturized would have been 6.5" x 6.5", way too small  for me.  Sooooo, I added lots of rows, and rows, and rows.  It is now 48 rows by 48 rows, and will measure 24"x24", Although I am throwing in some larger solid pieces for negative space. Or at least that's the plan!
2 of the sections I have done!
Yep, those are 1/2" squares....
Dot's Blocks...
Star Block 6

Planned Design using ruler by Off The Edge.

 Finished center of block

Finished Block.

 Star Block 7

Designed center star.

Off The Edge Ruler used to add heart quilting to center

Fill the heart with feathers!

Add some X-hatching and the finished Star Block.


 Star Block 8

Block Designed using
 "Flourish" Dusty Farrell's Radical Ruler
Visit Country Stitchin
Center Stitched.

 Finished Block.

So, that's all for today.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the beginning of my miniature quilt and more of Dot's blocks.
Happy Quilting

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Dot Blocks....

 Since I am busy working on my MQS quilt, I am still posting pics from Dot's Quilt.  Hopefully I get the quilt finished before I run out of Dot's blocks.  

Star Block 5

 Lots of planning for this block!  Inner light background, Outer half star feathers.  Inner Star feathers and then the final plan.  I love this block. 

Final Star Block.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Dot Blocks

I may be getting the hang of this blog stuff, well at least I didn't wait a month to post again!  The New Year's over and I've begun to "demantle" Christmas in the evening.  Day hours I am working dillegently in the studio, trying to get my quilts done for MQS.  Jumping back and forth between quilting one and piecing another has made these cold days fly past.  Unfortunately the weather has caused Guild meetings to be cancelled and I miss my quilty friends!  Saturday is the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild and I am going!  The weather should be OK so look out fellow quilters here I come.

The next couple of blocks from Dot's quilt follow.  It's kind of fun, going back and looking at these blocks. Really helps get my creative juices flowing.  I had forgotten that the recurring items in blocks are feathers, "l"s, and leaves.

Star Block 3

Star with plastic design and ruler

Ruler by Off The Edge
I used this to make wavy design

Plastic design, see the 'l' swirls?

Finished Star Block

Star Block 4

With plastic to design.
Plastic drawn design. More "l"s.

Quilted quarter of block

Finished Star Block.

So, that's all for today.  Please come back to see more blocks.  It's been fun reminising how I quilted these blocks and I hope you enjoyed my process.  Please feel free to leave a comment.
Happy Quilting!