Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quilts of Valor Panel Pattern

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to present a program on LongArm rulers and templates to a local HandiQuilter Guild.  I had a great day sharing my ideas and techniques with some wonderful quilters.

Each of the ladies brought me a donation of fabric to use for Quilts of Valor. Some of the fabric went to Kevin The Quilter to use for backings for the block drive quilts. The rest I used to piece this top. Unfortunately I ran out of time to quilt it, but fortunately, my local QofV group, "Eastern Missouri Quilts of Valor" are hand quilters!  So they will receive the top for quilting.

I started with the panel I received and 3 coordinating fabrics.
              Red - 2 yds
              Blue - 1 1/2 yds
              White - 2 yds (enough for binding also)

There were 15 squares in the panel and I needed 20 to get the size required, minimum 60x70. So off to one of my favorite quilt shops Osewpersonal in O'Fallon Missouri to buy another panel!

Each of the squares in the panel measured 6 3/4" square.  I always try to round up my squares into 1/2" increments.  Just makes life easier.  6 3/4" + 1/4" = 7" + 1/2" (seam allowance). I cut the squares at 
7 1/2" x 7 1/2".   

Next I cut my strips at 2 1/2". This makes it easy to figure strip lengths or to use a Jelly Roll. Cut 20 pieces for each size listed below.  I cut my largest lengths first, I find it waste less fabric.

F - 7 1/2" White 
E - 9 1/2" White and Red
D - 11 1/2" White and Red
C - 13 1/2" White and Red
B - 15 1/2" Red  and Blue
A - 17 1/2" Blue

Here's my strips all laid out and ready to chain piece.

Piecing is just like a half log cabin,  Piece the white and red sides first.    

Add the blue strips last.

My finished top!

A better picture of just the top half.

It's now ready to give to the Eastern Missouri Quilts of Valor quilters to hand quilt, then off to a deserving Veteran!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quilts of Valor Presentation at Perky Piecers

As most of you know, my friend Kevin the Quilter had a block drive last year for Quilts of Valor. Almost 6,000 blocks were donated from all over the US and even a few other countries!  My local quilt guild, Perky Piecers, had the privilege of being one of the groups helping sew the blocks into tops.  A couple of marathon sewing days, help from some very talented long arm quilters, and we were ready to present a few of the quilts to 4 of our local veterans.

Kevin did the presentation.  After Kevin gave an explanation of the meaning of Quilts of Valor, each Veteran was called forward individually to receive his quilt. The quilt was wrapped around his shoulders and he was thanked for his service to our country. If you have never been to a presentation, find a way to get to one!  It is one of the most moving presentations you will see, especially if Kevin is doing the it. Quite a few eyes were not too dry this day.

We had the honor of presenting to one WWII veteran, and three Vietnam Veterans.  I have the privilege of personally knowing two of these men.  To respect their privacy, no names.  Our WWII veteran has 17, (yep, I said 17!) medals, including 2 purple hearts.  One of our Vietnam Veterans was Special Forces, one a Marine.  All of our veterans gave part of their lives to defend our country and we owe them so much.  This is one way, we as quilters are able to show our appreciation and I am very proud of my guild for their participation!

Kevin starts the presentations.

Our first Vietnam Veteran.

Our second Vietnam Veteran.

Our third Vietnam Veteran.

Our WWII Veteran

Our Veterans with their Quilts of Valor!

I am so proud to be allowed to be part of their day!
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Classes at Hunter Heirloom Quilting

Once again this fall, I had the opportunity to teach at Hunter Heirloom Quilting in Centerview, Missouri.  Visit their Facebook Page at  Hunter Heirloom Quilting 

As always, owners Amy & Joe were amazing hosts, the students rocked and my Teacher's Angel was, well, an angel!  Three days teaching in November and three in December, in a QUILT SHOP, surrounded by Quilters, Longarms and FABRIC, who could ask for a better job???

The classes were all day and most of my students were there for the long haul, all three days.  I was able to spend time getting to know these incredible quilters.  Everyone went home tired, but smiling. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

First here's the class samples:

Feather Class
Ruler Class
Background Class

Second, a few shout outs.  My fabulous Teacher's Angel Penny Gleason Roberts, who just happens to also be a teacher and the designer of the 3D Threader!  3D Threader

And Employee of the Day, Amy, who loaded my samples on all 6 machines in the mornings.

Teacher;s Angel Penny
Employee of the Day Amy

Of course, all my Rockin' students.  Sorry to anyone who I missed a photo of.

A great finish to a great year!  Maybe I'll see some of you at next year's classes.
Happy Quilting

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Grand Canal - Modern Applique Illusions

I certainly hope that Santa doesn't only bring gifts to faithful bloggers!  If so, I think I might come up a little short this year.  My only New Year's Resolution was to blog every week, (beside the basics, lose weight, eat better, get taller...) and it lasted thru April, sort of..  The end result is, I have a lot I want to say.

Thanks to friends, I have had an amazing year.  I had the privledge of working on a few Quilts of Valor, I won a few awards, I bought a second longarm, the longarm classes I teach have been in demand and a Modern top I quilted was published in a book!!!

Today I want to talk about the book.  Last year my friend Casey York asked if I would quilt a top she made for her book "Modern Applique Illusions".  I jumped at the chance, I love her quilts.  Casey has a background in Art History and draws her inspiration from her love of art.  Visit Casey's blog to read her vision for this quilt.   The Studiolo  While you're there, check out some of her other quilts in the book.  She explains her concept for these quilts. I enjoy reading about the thought process behind a quilt design.

Casey and I met for a little brain storming session.  With the top laid out between us, we immediately started throwing out ideas.  Casey had a definite vision for the quilting, and I saw the direction the quilting needed to go to meet her vision.  Our ideas meshed perfectly.

I laid the quilt out on my longarm.  I like to look at a top for awhile to get the "feel" of it before I start stitching.  I quilt on BeBe, a Gammill Classic Plus Hand Guided system.

Casey wanted the top half of the quilt to be a little more formal and had the idea of a repeating Damask pattern.  After looking at pages of Damask wallpaper, I designed a quilting motif I hoped she would like.  With a few tweaks here and there, it was ready to quilt.  Cross hatching in the background completed the design, accentuating the Damask motifs.

The bottom half of the quilt needed to be quilted in a way that would add the depth perspective Casey wanted.  I quilted all the sections smaller at the center of the top with the quilting designs gradually getting larger as they move toward the bottom of the quilt. Casey gives a great explanation of why/how this works in her blog. The Studiolo 

Wavy lines gradually get closer

Light green bush quilting

Dark green bush quilting
Pebbles, lots of pebbles....

Pink flowers echoed
Finished quilting.

 Modern Applique Illusions   
with Grand Canal on the cover!!!!

If you would like to purchase a copy Casey has signed, visit Casey York Design

Thank you for visiting my blog,
Happy Quilting