Saturday, December 5, 2015

Look Kevin, I Can Do Scrappy! Final Reveal!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 months already! I hope you're all ready for my big reveal of my Mystery Quilt...

But first, Some other news. As you know, I will be teaching at MQX New England (Ann's Classes) in April and at MQS Cedar Rapids (Classes, scroll way down to find me) in May. I will be teaching a Ruler/Template class at both. We will be discussing lots of rulers by lots of vendors. Rulers are my Quilting Passion and I can't wait to share lots of information with you all. Things like, how to hold, what all those lines mean and especially, what else can we do with them. We'll also be looking at some of my favorites and discussing why I like them, with lots of tips and tricks thrown in.

So, to make things a little more interesting and because I am always looking at new ways to use a ruler, I have decided to have a couple 'contests' for my students. I will be, at random, posting pictures on Facebook of designs using various SECRET, unidentified rulers. Don't post your guess in the comments, save them for class. For every ruler you guess right, you will put your name into the drawing for a prize.

Ok, now on to the Mystery Quilt, the Final Reveal....

Month 6—Putting it All Together!

This month you will be putting the quilt together. We will be sewing the blocks in rows, then the rows together to make the quilt.
You will need all of the blocks!

Make 2 of each of these rows —

Rows 1   and 13

 Rows 2   and 12

 Rows 3   and 11

 Rows   4 and 10

Rows 5   and 9

Rows   6 and 8

Row 7—Make 1, this is the center row.

Sew the rows together, pay attention to the orientation of the rows. 1 and 13 may be the same, but the top edge of row 1 is the bottom edge of row 13. Measure the sides of your quilt and cut 4.5” strips from 2 fabrics for each side. Sew on the side borders. Press to the border fabric. Measure the top & bottom of your quilt and cut 4.5” strips from the remaining 2 border fabrics. Sew on the top & bottom borders. Press to the border fabric.  (I had lots of fabric and decided to make mine 6" borders cut at 6.5")


I hope you enjoyed the Mystery and I can't wait to see pictures of your finished quilts!

Happy Quilting,