Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modern Quilt Interruption and More Dot's Block

I am taking a Modern Quilt Interruption from Mine and Kevin's MQS quilt.  Well, actually this Modern one, hopefully, will be done in time to go to MQS also, but we'll see.

I fell in love with a quilt designed by my friend Jamie Mueller, visit her blog at  Sunflower Seeds or her website at Sunflower Quilts to see some of her amazing quilts and buy her patterns.  The quilt was originally named "Master Carpenter's Square".  Because I wanted to make a miniature, and if you know me, you know I never follow directions, I changed the quilt somewhat..... and now I'm making my quilt "Jamie's Carpenter Squared".

The original pattern was made with Charm Squares (5").  Miniaturized would have been 6.5" x 6.5", way too small  for me.  Sooooo, I added lots of rows, and rows, and rows.  It is now 48 rows by 48 rows, and will measure 24"x24", Although I am throwing in some larger solid pieces for negative space. Or at least that's the plan!
2 of the sections I have done!
Yep, those are 1/2" squares....
Dot's Blocks...
Star Block 6

Planned Design using ruler by Off The Edge.

 Finished center of block

Finished Block.

 Star Block 7

Designed center star.

Off The Edge Ruler used to add heart quilting to center

Fill the heart with feathers!

Add some X-hatching and the finished Star Block.


 Star Block 8

Block Designed using
 "Flourish" Dusty Farrell's Radical Ruler
Visit Country Stitchin
Center Stitched.

 Finished Block.

So, that's all for today.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the beginning of my miniature quilt and more of Dot's blocks.
Happy Quilting

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  1. Ann, I can't believe how small those pieces are you are working with! It is going to be amazing.....just like your quilting is!