Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Just like everyone else, I will start with my obvious New Year's resolution.... Post on my blog every week.. or at least make the attempt to!  My second resolution is to take pics of people texting and driving and post on FB, (as a passenger!) Yep, pet peeve.

Since I am currently quilting my entry for MQS in Wichita, I have no pics of works in progress to post.  I've never posted pics of competition quilts before hand, superstitious I guess.  And I have sworn my co-hort, Kevin (KevinTheQuilter) to secrecy also! But I can say WOW! he did an amazing job designing/piecing and now it is my turn in this fun and challenging quilting adventure.

I have, therefor, decided to post about some quilts I have done in the past and the process I went thru to create the quilting designs.  The first quilt is by a customer, Dot, who HAND-PIECED a star quilt.  Every star block is different, so I decided to quilt every block different.  I took pictures thru out the designing/quilting, mostly for myself, but also to share with other quilters.  My design process -  I lay my clear plastic sheet over the block and using a dry erase pen, draw out different designs until I find one I like.  Then quilt it.  I took lots of pics so I wouldn't have any repeats.  If I used a ruler, I included it in the pic.

I started by designing the motif for the inset triangle star blocks. 

Plastic over the block

Drawn design.

Finished block!
Star Block 1

Plastic over block.

Design as drawn.

Ruler - from Dusty Farrell's Radical Rulers.
 Available at:  Country Stitchin
Center of star

Leaf in outer star

Finished block.
Star Block 2

Design on Plastic. With ruler from Off The Edge.

Design as drawn.
Swirls feathered.

Finished block.

Well, I hope you liked the first 3 blocks, there are many more, 20 I think!  Please check back in a few days for some more block ideas.  Leave a comment and let me know if you like (or not) my blocks and/or design process.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love being your co-hort! Thanks for giving an inside peek at your quilt designing process. I am always amazed by your beautiful quilting!

  2. I see as much work goes into quilting as the piecing! I am sure it is beautiful!

  3. So funny.! I saw your second post with the blue cherry fabric & thought I have that same fabric! Oh! She's talking about my quilt!! Wow! It's amazing to see ALL the work you put into the design of each block. I'm so thankful that Donna Tharp led me to you! You did such a stunning job! I'm so glad you won the first place award for your machine quilting. You certainly earned it. Thanks again for sharing your superb talent with me (& others!)