Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mystery Quilt Month 4 - Look Kevin, I Can Do Scrappy!

Before we get to the Mystery Quilt, I just wanted to repeat how happy I am that I will be teaching at MQX New England next April. The classes are not listed yet, but visit the website often for future updates!  MQX New England

I will be teaching 3 classes, a hands-on Feather class, a Ruler lecture, and a Background lecture/demo. If you are anywhere near Manchester, New Hampshire, come see me. I love meeting Quilters and making new Quilty friends! 

Welcome back to my Mystery Quilt, "Look Kevin, I Can do Scrappy!"

Four months in and I'm still excited to say, "ALL OVER THE WORLD!!" Quilters are stitching those pesky 1/2 square triangles thanks to me.  Ok, once again, maybe not just because of me, but we do have an increasing number of quilters participating in our Mystery. A guild in Canada has joined us! So keep making those 1/2 square triangles, you will need them next month. 

I'm still waiting for more fabric pics......

As we start Month 4, remember - each month's directions will be posted on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, for 6 months.  If you or your local quilt guild would like to use my pattern for this Mystery Quilt, please feel free.  You have my permission to make copies for your guild.  All I ask is that you give me credit for the pattern  If you would like it in PDF format, please email me (atticthreads@yahoo.com) and I will add you to my email list.

If you missed any -       Month 1             Month 2             Month 3

Month 4—A Whole Lot More Easy-Peasy Piecing!
This month you will be doing more chain piecing. My only rule for myself was to not worry about my fabrics looking good next to each other. (ok, so it still couldn’t be same fabric used twice in a block…) Just grab and sew. I found after about the first 3 months planning, I started getting the hang of this scrappy stuff! 

Nancy’s Takin' it to the Nines

You will need all of the dark and light 7.5” strips

Always press to the dark. I chain piece all of the sets, cut apart and then press.
Make 37 sets of dark sewn to light.

Sew a light strip to the dark side, make 13 sets

Sew a dark strip to the light side of the remaining pairs,  make 24 sets

Cut each set into 2.5” strips

Make two piles, (A) dark-light-dark strips and (B)  light-dark-light strips. Mix up the strips in each pile, remember, no 2 pieces of the same fabric in a block.
Sew a (A) strip to a (B) strip, make 39 sets.

Sew (A) and (B) strips to these sets to make 9 patch blocks.

Make 8

Make 31

I hope everyone is still enjoying the Mystery Quilt.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Thanks Ann, I haven't started yet but do plan to make the quilt.

  2. Looks like a fun quilt better late than never.